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Mitsubishi Alloy No. 6B

Mitsubishi alloy No. 6B is a wrought version of Mitsubishi Hardfacing Alloy No. 6, which is well-known under this and other names and is widely used as castings or as hard-surfacing rod, powder, and wire. Alloy No. 6B exhibits the excellent wear, high temperature and corrosion properties inherent in the cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloys while providing the advantages of form in sheet, plate, and bars which can be further fabricated to desired components.

Mitsubishi alloy No. 6B is produced at the Okegawa Plant of Mitsubishi Metals Corporation by a unique melting sequence and forging, rolling, and heat treating processes adapted to this special material. These processes are not applied to the alloy by any other producer. The consistency of high levels of properties and quality of the MMC material result from more than 20 years of production experience and improvements supported by strong metallurgical engineering and quality control.

MMC produces alloy 6B in two heat treated conditions of hardness, strength and ductility for a wide array of applications. These conditions and their designations are:

6B………. Good heat and wear resistance with superior ductility.

6B-H…… Highest hardness and maximum wear resistance for the alloy.

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