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Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has been developing and manufacturing special hardfacing alloys since the 1930’s. These hardfacing alloys include Cobalt base, Nickel base and Tungsten Carbide Compounds which offer outstanding wear resistance at both room and high temperatures. They are deposited onto metal surfaces which then become resistant to wear, corrosion and heat, giving increased life expectancy in service. To keep costs to a minimum the alloys are deposited only on those parts of a component which are subjected to extremes of heat or wear.

As well as their more obvious applications in marine or vehicle engines, the special properties of these compounds make them valuable across a wide range of industrial applications. The oil and petroleum, nuclear, plastics, steel, and metal-processing industries rely on them, as do glass bottle and ceramics manufacture. Quarrying, mining, earth-moving and construction, timber and the wood-pulp industry- all find hardfacing alloys essential to their day-to-day equipment reliability and long-term productivity.

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